Q. What if I donít have a web server ? Can FINNSYS be installed in my local server ?


FINNSYS can not be installed on your local computer, you must have a website of your own to install FINNSYS. The advantage of having a website is that your software reports can be seen by the users( admin, clients etc) anytime online. Also it gives high degree of safety to your available data from theft, virus etc.

Do check the domain & hosting services at our Hosting Partner for getting the best web server.

  Q. What is FINNSYS ?


This is very effective Mutual Fund MIS software which can be installed on your web server and provides online access to Administrator, Employees/Sub brokers and Clients. This software is designed to import some selected mail backs from all Mutual Fund registrar(s), which can be further seen as report outputs by this software, like- capital summary, P&L Statements, Tax sheet etc.

  Q. What is the cost of FINNSYS MF-software ?


FinnSys means Portfolio Tracker, which is available under three packages:-

Silver - INR 25,000 plus taxes
Gold - INR 35,000 plus taxes
Platinum - INR 45,000 plus taxes

AMC Charges :

INR 6100 + Service Tax for Silver Package
INR 7100 + Service Tax for Gold Package
INR 8100 + Service Tax for Platinum Package

per year as per your package cost from the next year of your FinnSys purchase.

  Q. Which Internet Browser does FinnSys support ?


The FinnSys software is only compatible with Internet Explorer. Since it is the default browser in all Windows based computers and most commonly used, the software is created and tested on the Internet Explorer platform only.

  Q. Why should I buy


FINNET is the software which is based on common server of the registrar. All your clients will visit on this common server, this will give the website owner an opportunity to advertise their services, no load transaction offers, online purchase & redemption options etc. This may create some reason to your clients for moving to direct investment option.

FINNSYS is loaded on your own website and server. Hence it protects, maintains your business as well as your identity. You can use your clients log-in as an opportunity to put some advertisement and messages for them. Also, you can cross sell other services and products through this web based platform.

  Q. How can the passwords be allocated to various users and clients ?


FINNSYS provides the password generation tool to the admin. Admin can allow the web access to any user by providing them the password.

  Q. How to uplaod Admin or Branch Advisor's Image (Photo) on FinnSys?


Uploading Image Steps:

Step1: Login to your FinnSys account.
Step2: Select Advisors link from Top Menu.
Step3: Click on Show Hierarchy link.
Step4: Click on Head office link to upload Admin Photo.
Step5: Click on Camera image just above the Advisor's Photo label.
Step6: Click on Browse to select the location of your Image / Photo file.
Step7: Click on Upload button.
Step8: Click on accept Image button.
Step9: After view preview click on close [x] link.
Step10: Click on Edit Branch button.
Step11: Click on Done link.

  Q. What if my client or users forget their password ?


You have full access on passwords and details of all the users and client through your admin panel. You can reissue the password to any one on demand.

  Q. How do I import my daily transactions ?


Click here for the detailed step by step instructions and visual help on How to Import Daily Mailback Data.

  Q. How the data is imported ?


All mailback registered clients will have to subscribe for some specific report (as recommended by us) from the registrars. These reports will be imported by the Administrator/Distributor in the FINNSYS on daily basis. FINNSYS is designed as such to import the data easily in the system.

  Q. How to Register for Trail Commissions Mailback file with CAMS?


Register for Trail Fee mailback file.
Step1: Visit
Step3: Identify yourself providing the E-mail id
Step4: Select All AMCs in the drop down menu
Step5: Goto "Your Earnings" and select the report WBR6
Step6: Goto the "Desired Output Format" at the bottom of the page and select "Excel with Headers", press submit
Step7: Goto "Select Your Parameters" and in the period select date range, the difference of period should be less than or equal to one month, press Next
Step8: Enter your password for self extraction

  Q. How to Register for Trail Commissions Mailback file with Franklin?


Register for Trail Fee mailback file.
Step1: Visit
Step2: Goto the "Enter Financial Advisor Area" option
Step3: Sign in after entering your User Name and Password
Step4: Goto the option "Service & Subscription" and select the link "Subscriptions & Notifications"
Step5: Select the option "NOTIFICATION"
Step6: Select the report First Year Trail Fee
Step7: The report will be received on your registered E-Mail ID.

  Q. How to Register for Trail Commissions Mailback file with Karvy ?


Register for Trail Fee mailback file.
Step1: Visit
Step2: Goto the "Distributor Services" option
Step3: Sign in after entering your User Name and Password
Step4: Goto the option "Services" and select the link "Desktop Deliveries"
Step5: Select the report MFSD205- Brokerage Report
Step6: Select Fund as "All Funds", Scheme as "All Schemes", From Date and to Date according to the date range of your choice, Brokerage type as "Trail Fee" Split Option as "With Split". Select your Email-ID, Select your format as "Excel".
Step7: Enter you password for self extraction

  Q. How to upload the CAMS mailback files in the FinnSys


Step1 : Download the file from your mail.
Step2 : Change the extension of file from .cams to .exe.
Step3 : Click the .exe file and enter the extraction password.
Step4 : Open the extracted .xls file
Step5 : Go to the Top Menu File > ĎSave Así option
Step6 : Select the option 'Excel 5.0/95 workbook'
Step7 : Save this file in this format.
Step8 : Now you can upload your file in FinnSys.

  Q. What if I missed to import the transactions on any one day ?


No problem at all ! You can import the data for any period any day. The system will automatically remove the duplicate transactions data.

The system also provides you transactions reconciliation calendar which tells you about the missing transactions dates.

  Q. How safe are my data which I am importing on daily basis ?


FINNSYS is loaded on your own web server which is completely controlled by you. The registrar(s) data is received in your E-Mail box, which is completely controlled by you. No outsider can access your data. And hence the data are highly secured and safe. Moreover your clients and sub brokers can view their details through the password allocated to them by you.

  Q. From where do we get Domain ?


Domain & Hosting package can be purchased from any vendor as per your suitability, the cost varies from 3000-4000, depending on the domain name and the type of services you choose. We are associated with one of worlds best hosting service provider.

Do check our domain & hosting services at Domain & Hosting for getting the best web server.

  Q. How do I change my FTP password ?


These steps are valid for customers who have registered their domain name and hosting through

Step1: Login into your Domain control panel at:

(Your Domain control panel login & password were sent on your email when your domain was purchased. Incase you donot have your domain control panel login & password, please contact us)

Step2: After logging in, visit "My Account" link. Goto "Domains" and click "List All Orders".

Step3: Click "Domain Name" next to Web Hosting.

Step4: Click "Manage Web Hosting" under the "Hosting" tab.

Step5: Goto "Manage Website" tab on the top, then goto "FTP User Manager" option and click the link "List FTP Users".

Step6: Click the FTP user name you wish to modify and change the password.

  Q. How do I create email addresses of my own domain (e.g. ?


(Note: This section is only for those clients who have bought domain & hosting thru ARMFintech.Com)

Step1: Goto:

Step2: Enter your Email Address and Password
(Incase you donot remember your Domain control Login & Password, please contact us)

Step3: Goto Domains menu and click List All Orders. You will be shown your domain name.

Step4: Click Domain Name next to Email Hosting.

Step5: Click Manage Email Hosting under the Email tab.

Step6: Click Add User under the Actions Heading on the right.

Step7: Fill the details of the email account you wish to create and press button Add User.

A new email account will be created using the details supplied and the Accounts temporary password will be shown. The user can logon to his email account and change his password to the password of his choice.

Repeat Step6 and Step7 to add as many email accounts as you want.

Change Password / Check email at:

  Q. What about my log-in page ? Will you design the same for me ?


Yes, you will get your main log-in page pre-designed and free of cost from our side.

  Q. Why do I need domain and server space both ?


Its like booking a Post Box in a post office- how can anyone drop the letter to you if your post box will not bear any name or identity?
Domain name is what takes your clients or users to your web server- like ( etc.

  Q. Will I get the web site design service from your company ?


Normally we suggest the users to get the web site designed from your local web designer company. This will help you in getting the exact output as required by you, due to close communication and daily discussions.

However, you can ask for quotation from us also if your contents are ready and final. We charge INR 1000 per page for the website designing.

  Q. How do I import all my Historic Data ?


Click here for the detailed step by step instructions and visual help on How to Import Historic Data.

  Q. How do I request Mailback for Historic Data ?


Click here for the step-by-step instructions.

  Q. How do I subscribe for Daily Mailback ?


Click here for the step-by-step instructions.

  Q. What are the mailback reports which I need to subscribe for daily imports ?


Files Name with Different Registrar(s)
Client MasterTransaction Master

Client MasterTransaction Master

Franklin Templeton
Client MasterTransaction Master
Client Master FileTrx File

Client MasterTransaction Master
Client Master FileTrx File

Client MasterTransaction Master
ER04SBFS Folio & ER17

  Q. What if I am not registered with R&T agents for mailback services ?


Its simple and free. Just click here to download the application form for mailback registrations with different registrar. Once you send the properly filled application form to the registrars, they will send you the enrollment user name and password within 15 days

  Q. What are the browsers which support this software ?


This software is best viewed only in Internet Explorer-5 and above version.

  Q. What type of service support is provided by ARMFintech Consultants (P) Ltd ?


We provide fully online support and solution to the queries. We have dedicated support executives for personal support to the software users. Please check our contact details for getting the service support numbers.

  Q. While printing a report, the colored area does not appear. How do I print the reports correctly ?


Open your browser (Internet Explorer). Click "Tools" menu and then click "Internet Options". Goto the "Advanced" tab and select "Print background colors and images" option under the "Printing" heading. Click "Apply".

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