Tutorial / FAQs

1) I donot have FinnSys web, can I still use the app for my investors?
Ans) Yes. However, since Finnsys App provides portfolio snapshot of Investors by seamlessly connecting the app with your FinnSys web system, not having FinnSys web will deny your Investors with an important and useful tool My Portfolio. Having FinnSys web will mean you can have your Investors view their Live investments and important notifications and alerts sent over their mobile handsets by you.

If you donot have FinnSys web or your client fails to connect to your FinnSys web, he can still use tools like Financial Calculators, Market Updates, Get Quotes etc.

You can always buy FinnSys Web later and have your Investors connect to your web system.
2) Do I get ownership rights of the app??
Ans) No. FinnSys app is a handy tool that allows your users to connect to your FinnSys web and view their Live Investments. In addition to the My Portfolio Section, they can also use tools like Financial Calculators, Market Updates, Get Quotes etc. The app FinnSys is like an intermetiate bridge between your System and your client's handset for portfolio viewing and other related actions.

ARM Fintech thru its FinnSys app does not save your Investor's data
3) What happens to the app if I discontinue using my FinnSys web?
Ans) Since My Portfolio Section renders the portfolio from your web system, if you discontinue using FinnSys web the My Portfolio section will become un-useable.
4) Are there any renewal charges for the app?
Ans) FinnSys mobile app is available to the Financial Advisor Faternity at a one time cost of Rs 6,999/- (plus applicable taxes) only. There are no renewal or annual maintainence charges charges. All new updates to the app will be provided for free (at the discretion of ARM Fintech Consultants Pvt Ltd).
5) What about advertisements, can I use Google adwords or any other ad provider's campaign?
Ans) No. Since FinnSys app is a propretery product of ARM Fintech Consultants Pvt Ltd, you donot receive any advertisement rights on the app. However, since ARM Fintech Consultants Pvt Ltd works very closely with the advisor faternity and since the app gets installed on your Investors' handset, we may run advertisement campaigns in collaboration with you (only after your approval & consent).
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